Personal Interests:  

My main outside interests are in film production and acting.

I'm interested in film-making, especially the educational possibilities of documentary films. I have been interning at Cambridge Community Television Station for the past three years, which has given me the chance to get hands-on experience helping with video production and editing, and the chance to take classes in lighting, audio, and editing in Final Cut Pro. I have produced and crewed on different CCTV productions, and recently began teaching production classes including Showtime!, ZipDocs. For the past two years I have facilitated Project Documentary, a documentary production group.

You can see some of my productions and current projects below or at my new video blog hosted by


Half of the Proj-Doc team setting up a shoot  
Project Documentary Productions:  

The Earth Moves

A short documentary that examines the role of science and
religion in our society through the lens of Bertolt Brecht’s play “Life of Galileo.” Produced by Project Documentary: Julie Adler, Sarah Brett, Ann Cowan, Darcie DeAngelo, Lauren Erwin, KC Forcier, Amy Mertl, and Jason Ong

mit nuclear reactor 

Nuclear on the Block

A short film which takes an intimate look at
the MIT nuclear reactor and its history; examines the pros and cons of nuclear research; and hits the streets to talk
with local officials and those who call the reactor their neighbor. Produced by Project Documentary: Julie Adler, Angel Aiguier, Sarah Brett, Therese Condit, Ann Cowan, Darcie DeAngelo, Lauren Erwin, KC Forcier, Karma Lama, John Melczer, Tanya Powers. Facilitated by Shaun Clarke, Amy Mertl and Jason Ong.





The Dames

The Dames is a short documentary that profiles the Boston Derby Dames, Boston's first and only women's flat track roller derby league. Produced by Project Documentary: Sarah Brett, Ann Cowan, Darcie DeAngelo, Quentin James, Amy Steptoe, and Rebecca Yadegar. The production was facilitated by Shaun Clarke, Amy Mertl, and Jason Ong with music by Eli Kao.



Get a bug's eye view into the complex and intriguing social lives of ants, and meet six scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying them. Produced by Project Documentary 2007: Sarah Brett, Shaun Clarke, Jason Crow, Amy Mertl, Jaime O'Brien, Rob O'Dwyer, Jason Ong, Lorraine Pouliot, and Amy Steptoe with music by Eli Kao.

Personal Productions:  

How I see the world

A short video on the art show "How I See the World" by artist and photographer Kathy Getchell


Oil Paintings by Maria Marx

Artist Maria Marx discusses her oil paintings of boats and trees


CLRS Student Photo Show

A selection of photos by student photographers at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.


Ants: Artwork by Kari Ryder Wilkie

A video on a myrmecologist's digital ant-themed artwork


Don't Think, But Look

An interview with Cambridge teacher/artist Ellen Grabiner on her work based on the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein.


Beyond the Shadows of Stigma

A video on a Photovoice exhibit created by students in the Boston University Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. The photos focus on the devastating effects of psychiatric stigma.

"Hey, what if...?"

An interview with Maurice Anderson, comic artist and satirist from Cambridge, MA

A Community Artist at CCTV

A digital story about Cambridge artist Elizabeth Belstraz.


An interview with painters Adriana Prat and Karin Koch on their group show "Skulls" featuring skull-themed artwork.

Bistable Percept

An interview with painter/sculpter Rachel Mello on her work, which she calls "playing with a bistable percept"


"My Sister the Psychopath": The Making of a Zero-Budget Film"

A behind-the-scenes look at the trials and rewards of making of a no budget film ("My Sister the Psychopath" - working title was "Sisters and Brothers"). Also features me as I acted in the actual film while making the behind-the-scenes documentary. "My Sister the Psychopath" was directed by Lindsay Shah, with dramatic director J. Eric Marler, and produced by WingedFilm. For more info on the upcoming film contact


Photographs by Susan Fleischmann

A digital story featuring landscapes and cityscapes by photographer Susan Fleischmann.

Une Artiste Favorable

An interview with Marie Rose Cherubin, a digital artist from Haiti. I co-produced this piece with David Zermeno - who also translated her interview from Creole.

Citizen Journalism: From Pamphlet to Blog

A 15 minute documentary on citizen journalism, completed by the Project Documentary team at CCTV: Shaun Clake, Jason Crow, Darcie DeAngelo, Matt Landry, Mayana Leocardio, Amy Mertl, Jason Ong and Buz Owen.

This piece recently recieved a 1st place award in the Free Speech Shorts Video Festival!

The End of Hydrocarbon Man: Photos by Robert Fine

An interview with Boston area photographer Robert Fine, who uses photographs of bikes to promote energy awareness

Click here to see a longer (8:00) version of the film, which was screened at the Boston Bike Film Festival this past October!

The Sierra Club Presents Ten Simple Energy Saving Tips

A movie based on a power point presentation on ways to make your home more energy efficient. The music was composed by Esperanza Spalding - also features Sarah Brett, Alex Churchill, Kristian Kime, and Christina Dubin.

Yasuni : A Biodiversity Hotspot in Jeopardy

A short documentary on the incredibly diverse Yasuni National Park in Amazonian Ecuador and the threats it faces from the construction of oil roads. Includes interviews with Kelly Swing and Jaime Guerra. Tambien puedes verla con subtitulos en español (gracias a Pablo Jarrin!)





I'm also interested in acting. I took acting and theatre production classes in college and acted in several plays and shorts. Since starting graduate school in Boston I've worked in seven student and independent short films - most recently the upcoming short drama "Sisters and Brothers". These have been a lot of fun and introduced me to great people. My goal is to one day find myself listed in the IMDb....

Headshot by Tessa Updike