Welcome to my key to ants in the genus Pheidole found at Tiputini Biodiversity Station, a research station located in Amazonian Ecuador. Many of these species are found thoughout the new world tropics, so this key should prove useful to anyone trying to identify Pheidole from tropical, lowland areas of South America.

This dichotomous key is based on characteristics of the major or soldier caste. It includes the 65 species listed on my main Pheidole page. Some species may be keyed out by more than one path, due to intraspecific variations. This key is still under revision, in preparation for publication, so please send any comments or suggestions to amymertl@bu.edu. I will also be adding more species as they are identified.

"Key to the Pheidole of Tiputini Biodiversity Station (Orellana, Ecuador) based on the Major Caste" A.L. Mertl, updated 8/23/06

1. In side view, distinct mesonotal convexity present between pronotum and propodium (Fig.1): (go to #2)

- In side view, no mesonotal convexity or very slight convexity (Fig. 2 and 3): (go to #38)


distinct convexity no convexity slight convexity
Figure 1: Distinct convexity Figure 2: No convexity Figure 3: Slight convexity