Many people have worked with me on my research and/or provided valuable advice and assistance:  
people who worked on project

Collaborations and Advice:

James F. A, Traniello, Boston University -My primary advisor and collaborator

Kari T. Ryder Wilkie. Boston University - help with ant taxonomy, field work collaborations and website inspiration

Stefan Cover, Harvard University - commitee member, advice on project design, help with ant taxonomy and species descriptions

Gary Alpert, Harvard University - advice on project design and use of automontage synchroscopy system

Michael Sorenson, Boston University - commitee member, use of primers and instructon on DNA sequencing and phylogeny construction

Marcio Pie, Universidade Federal do Parana - use of primers, advice on DNA sequencing and morphometrics

Marc Seid, Smithsonian Tropical Research Insitute - advice on performing ethograms and behavioral assays

Karen Warkentin, Boston University - commitee member, advice on project design

Michael Kaspari, University of Oklahoma - commitee member, advice on experimental design

Corrie Saux Moreau, Harvard University - advice on primer use


Assistance in the Field :

Tiputini Biodiversity Station staff - especially Jaime Guerra for providing river level data and Ramiro Rodriguez for assistance with site selection

Wendy Mertl

Clifton Meek

Megan Johnson

Brian Henry

Scott Appleby

Noah Reid

Elise Koncsek

Frank Azorsa Salazar


Funding Sources:

Claire Booth Luce Foundation

National Science Foundation

Boston University Graduate School

Sigma Xi